Emerald Azzurra at a Long Shipyard - yacht hvac system

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Boiling water system
Potable water
Chill water
Ventilation project

Emerald Azzurra at a Long Shipyard

Yacht hvac system – some of the world’ leading projects that we have participated in. Emerald Azzurra is 110 meters in length cruising super-yacht that can accommodate 100 guests. Built in Vietnam. We have produced schematics and models for HVAC systems, all documentation is approved by the Croatian Register of Shipping.

In addition, we have also designed and assembled Boiling Water, Chill Water and Potable Water. We have highly trained and experienced engineers for the development of any project. All this documentation is approved by shipping register.



Ivo Skelin



„As a project manager, I was very satisfied with the cooperation of Element Projekt. They were very dedicated to the project (HVAC system, portable water system and boiler water system) from the first day and our communication went very smoothly. Element Projekt has engineers full of knowledge and experience.”


About Us

Element Project d.o.o is a private company that provides professional services in mechanical engineering. The company is founded in 2014. Headquarters of Element Project d.o.o is in Solin, Split - Dalmatia County, Croatia. The company specializes in HVAC systems for the shipbuilding and civil engineering, construction and product development, sheet metal, etc.