Element Projekt d.o.o

Potable water
Ventilation and air conditioning


Catamaran ventilation services provide highly engineered solutions to meet your HVAC requirements, based on our experience with marine systems and application design. We also designed potable water systems, black and gray water systems, bilge and fire protection systems. In the potable water section, we have designed a system of production and transfer of drinking water between the tanks, which can at any time, remotely control the trim of the ship. And in the catamaran’s ventilation system we have combined two recuperative air treatment units locally assisted by fan coil units.

It is a yacht-catamaran 42 meters long that can accommodate up to 18 passengers.


About Us

Element Project d.o.o is a private company that provides professional services in mechanical engineering. The company is founded in 2014. Headquarters of Element Project d.o.o is in Solin, Split - Dalmatia County, Croatia. The company specializes in HVAC systems for the shipbuilding and civil engineering, construction and product development, sheet metal, etc.