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Acapella Yacht

Acapella is a luxury sailing yacht that is 49 meters in length. It has a capacity of 12 people. We’ve created ventilation, climatization, potable water, and black and gray water systems. For all of these projects, we’ve also delivered and installed ductwork, plumbing, and equipment.

In addition, we produce all necessary documents for the chill water system, all of which have been approved by the register. All plumbing and equipment are also delivered and installed by us.

In ventilation, we calculated heat gains and losses, designed and modeled air ducts, and submitted papers to the register for approval. Ducts and equipment are also delivered and installed by us. Finally, for black and gray water systems as well as potable water, we planned, delivered, and installed equipment. Engine cooling systems, engine exhaust, bilges, and hydraulics were also delivered and fitted.



Nikša Glunčić



“We are very happy that we chose Element Projekt for design and build HVAC system. Very knowledgeable of every aspect of what we needed. I would recommend Element Projekt to anyone!”

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Element Project d.o.o is a private company that provides professional services in mechanical engineering. The company is founded in 2014. Headquarters of Element Project d.o.o is in Solin, Split - Dalmatia County, Croatia. The company specializes in HVAC systems for the shipbuilding and civil engineering, construction and product development, sheet metal, etc.