Mechanical Piping Systems

Element Projekt d.o.o


For all types of piping systems (drinking water, black and gray water, chill water, ballast water) we prepare project documentation.

We are able to make a simple 3D model to simplify the integration of other systems into the space.

All calculations are based on standards, and when designing the system, we pay special attention to safety. When designing these systems, in cooperation with the investor, we propose innovative ways to save energy by recycling waste energy. The equipment we choose for the project is from reputable manufacturers, always optimal, so that the price of the system is the best.

About Us

Element Project d.o.o is a private company that provides professional services in mechanical engineering. The company is founded in 2014. Headquarters of Element Project d.o.o is in Solin, Split - Dalmatia County, Croatia. The company specializes in HVAC systems for the shipbuilding and civil engineering, construction and product development, sheet metal, etc.

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 08:00 – 16:00