Element Projekt d.o.o. is engeniering consulting company.
Professional services in mechanical engineering: monitoring, designing and consulting in maritime industry, offshore and civil engineering (HVAC, sheet metal and metal construction)

ELEMENT – PROJEKT d.o.o. is a company specialized in mechanical engineering (monitoring, designing and consulting) in maritime industry, offshore and civil engineering. In order to easier fulfill your ideas and wishes, our team of mechanical engineers will help you with our long-term experience and will provide you all the services you might need.
Our company’s philsophy is based on knowledge, quality and solutions and costs optimisation.
All you need to do is to come to us with a vision and our expertise is to find the way how to achieve your vision.

Recent Projects


21 Jul 2015

Ship HVAC system NOV. 475

HVAC 3D model space on the board where there is a cooling output of 650 kW