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HVAC solution design

HVAC solution design

If you are planning on building a business or industrial facility or a vessel our professional team of mechanical engineers will offer you the design of overall project documentation, from the idea itself till the detailed design; all in accordance with the legal regulations in the field of thermo-technical installations.

Project documentation in the field of marine industry and offshore for obtaining the necessary permits:
Design of project documentation for obtaining the permits (conceptual, basic and detailed project) in the field of mechanical installations (heating, ventilation, air conditioning – HVAC, metal construction industry)
Wenn designing the mechanical installations the newest technolgies are beeing used and the newest existing standars and norms in the field are applicable. We pay great attention to choosing the most favorable energy source (basic or alternative) for the purposes of lowering and optimizing the investment costs and exploatation.

In order to find an optimal solution our professional team of engineers pays great attention to the requirements of investors, to the purpose of the facility / vessel, energy efficiency and at the same time they consult with an architect und designers of other installations during all designing and construction phases / steps.

Experienced designers team und the use of the newest computer technologies are a guarantee that the suggested solution will completely fulfill Your and your investors expectations.

As a main tool by designing we use 3D CAD system with networked workstations. The overall documentation we prepare in 3D drawings and the advantage of it is the speed and accuracy of the projects and specifications of equipment and materials.

Workshop HVAC piping documentation

Workshop HVAC piping documentation


21 Jul 2015

Ship HVAC system NOV. 475

HVAC 3D model space on the board where there is a cooling output of 650 kW

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